Reliable, competitive and experienced.

These are the elements we believe make the difference in this area. As a builder you need to know that when your trade is booked, they turn up. We pride ourselves on turning up when we are supposed to and often get praise for this reason. Once on site, we provide a team of Electricians that have the experience where it matters. The 1%ers that the others overlook are just part of our normal process. Videoing  pre-wired walls before plaster, marking plans, communication with the builder, pro-active scheduling, cleaning up our mess and looking for areas that may cause problems down the track.  These are just some of the reasons our jobs run smoothly, on time and within budget. If an extra arises outside the scope, we get approval and notify in writing before proceeding so there’s no surprises at completion.

We offer to work closely with the homeowner to cover items they have missed in design. We can offer walk throughs at each critical stage and make sure everybody (builder, client and us) are on the same page before its too late.

We take great pride in what we do no matter if its renovating a 100 Yr old Camberwell Residence or a new set of townhouses in Box hill.

  • Knock down rebuilds
  • High end renovations
  • Townhouses
  • Multi unit sites
  • New homes
  • Extensions
  • Small internal renovations