Savvy home and business owners are now recognising the need and value in automation. For both new builds and existing buildings, we have a solution that can bring you right into the NOW with technology. Our wired and wireless solutions each provide different benefits but also have their own limitations. As expert integrators, our role is to take your dreams and visions and make them work….EVERYTIME.

The minefield of Automation products out there is a dangerous path. Without the right education and advice, you risk spending thousands on products that wont work well together. Automation should be a smooth enjoyable experience that makes you smile. That’s where we come in.
Experience is critical in this field knowing what integrates well with other products. Our proven installation history gives us the knowledge to not only design you a system, but to procure, install and commission an experience that works seamlessly. We can walk you through the various options available and how they might best suit your needs. Once this structured process is complete, we piece together a game plan and once approved, we set out to transform your electrical installation.

The end result is practical, cost effective and sometimes a VERY very cool electrical experience.

There’s not much we can’t automate but here’s some examples:

  • Motorised blinds
  • Internal lighting
  • TV’s, Audio, Projectors, Apple Tv, Video Matrix
  • Security systems
  • Intercoms
  • Windows and door sensors
  • Motorised Gates
  • Garden lights

One button scenes : Set your whole house ambiance with one button

Holiday modes : Random lighting and appliance scenes imitating someone home

Push notifications ie: “your washing machine is finished”

“Billy is home safe”

Voice Control “Alexa, turn on Family dinner time”  (Music starts, lights dim, Tv turns off)

The options are seriously endless. Again there is not much we can’t automate and your imagination is the only limitation.

If you would like to engage us in a no obligation conversation about your needs or interest in automation, please give us a call or email. We love this stuff and love helping people achieve their automation goals Big and Small.

Let us take the pain out of Automation for you. You’ll love it …