Case study 1.

Astolat Camberwell

This historically listed home was built in 1885. With 600mm thick external concrete block walls, wiring in a structured system like Cbus was not an option. Other companies declined the opportunity to automate using Zwave wireless technology saying it couldn’t be done.

In typical Smarter Elec fashion, Sean took this as a challenge to accept. With 17 lighting loads spread throughout the pristine gardens, the Smarter electrical team took it in their stride to overcome the obstacles, design and redesign the system until it was right. Working with Gardens at night in Mulgrave the results were impressive.

How it works:

Using the existing remote motorised gate system as the trigger to start the welcome scene, you enter up the period Carriageway. The ambient lighting fills the arrival gardens whilst carefully designed ascent lighting highlights some of the amazing original tress on the property.  Driving toward the magnificent home, the next stage of lighting begins to illuminate the original concrete urns, The Oval lawn, Coach lamps and the entry gardens come to life. Moments later your eyes are drawn further along the carriageway as the path to follow glows just enough for you to find your way. As you approach the carport, the dimmable downlights here have turned on to their last known level and the timeout function begins. This 15 minute window is designed to give you time to unpack the car and settle in, and after the time has elapsed, all lights return to the state they were in prior to your arrival. On, off or dimmed. Furthermore, this only happens during a pre-set time after dusk and is also shared with the personal access gate as a trigger.  The same scene can be run in reverse at the push of a button.

The east gardens tie in with the lighting systems above via what we call a “one button scene”. At the push of a button, particular garden lights are turned on. The various scenes are named by their function or area for example : Casual dining brings on the terrace, terrace steps and east steps. Gala event brings on all lighting external whilst Formal dining starts to include the impressive backdrop of the east garden along with the terrace and steps.

Internally within the home we have incorporated a flood lit LED window that showcases the stairwell. Our customer has an understanding of technology and we look forward to growing this system with Sonos Audio, Blind control and more internal lighting. Fibaro is a completely expandable system and with the right knowledge can do some amazing things.